RACE | The ultimate sports trainers

This season we’re welcoming a new breed of Ash trainers to the collection. RACE are the latest sneaker sensation to grace the trainers fall collection. These sweet kicks explore the 90’s heritage athletic silhouette paying homage to one of the most recognisable sneaker design. At the same time boasting it’s multi-faceted and sturdy construction. The RACE trainers are not only the perfect sportswear piece but a fashion forward style that’s built with comfort and durability.

This model comes in a selection of these colours; cream off white, black/white, purple, pink and a cool metallic silver hue. One for each occasion. Wear the cream/white pair with an oversized Blazer, white tee and tailored trousers for a minimal clean cut look. Or the silver tone with a fleece sweatshirt, gym leggings with thick white socks for an athleisure look.

We’ve all gone mad for the Balenciaga platform Runners and the New Balance 530’s it’s time to add the Race trainers to your fall wardrobe wish list.

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