By now you should all know about this blast from the past and if you don’t then you definitely need to continue reading… Famously known as the chunky trainer, the ugly trainer or the dad trainer, ADDICT Trainer has become the most wanted trainer of this season from ASH Official SS18 Collection.

Selling at £225.00 this style has become the sneaker for this season and because you love them so much we are giving you new colours. You can now shop ADDICT in Black Leather & Black Mesh

The best thing about this trend is you can pair them with anything, don’t believe us keep scrolling down to see celebs & bloggers
in their ADDICT Trainers.


Jill Walace dons her ADDICT Trainer in Black & Red with a cute red dress.. Proof that you can pair your ADDICTs with anything!

Ellen Lora wears her ADDICT Trainers in Off-White with baggy trousers ad a checked jacket and we love this look!

Diana Curmei styles her ADDICT Trainers in Pastel Pink with a long dress and a matching pastel pink trench coat and how pretty does she look!!


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