In honour of the long awaited release of Ab Fab : The Movie today, we’ve got a special post dedicated to the sartorial choices of our favourite absolutely fabulous fashionistas. Whether you relate to hedonistic PR guru Patsy, or prefer the quiet life like young Saffy, there’s a style for you in the Ash Footwear Collection!


Fashion addicted Eddy loves to mix and match prints and statement pieces. We think the BIBA Wedges would fit seamlessly into her style.

The most fabulous of all, Patsy Stone, would not been seen in anything other than the most chic pieces and the peep-toe FUTURE Boots are just that.

Eccentric Bubble certainly has a unique personal style, loving clashing brights and playful pieces. The JUNGLE Trainers in Platine Leather have Bubble written all over them.

Studious Saffy, forever embarrassed by her mother’s antics, errs on the side of caution when it comes to her wardrobe choices, making the basic ballet pump her ideal pick. The IMAGINE Pumps are simple and comfortable – Perfect for sensible Saffy.

Be inspired by the fabulous fashion in Ab Fab : The Movie and shop the Ash Sale this weekend.


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