You know the drill – That dreamy pair of boots you just purchased get their first outing and before you’ve even got half way down the street a huge scuff or scratch appears. Sound familiar? Well don’t panic, we have solutions for how to clean and care for all types of leathers should disaster strike, or even if they just need a little spruce up. Read on…


Firstly, it’s important to know that different types of leather require different types of care, brushes and products. If you’re unsure what would be the best for your particular style, the retailer should be able to advise on the best options for you, so just ask! So let’s talk protection…

Suede protection that is! If you’ve picked up suede styles such as the Hurrican Boots, or the Laslo Boots or Lovelace Trainers in lighter shades, the first thing you should do is protect them and lock out any moisture that might get to them. Layering up a waterproof spray all over the shoes is the first step to ensuring that they last as long as possible. This will hopefully avoid any tide lines gathering if the shoes get wet and make any coloured liquids easier to remove. Should any dirt get onto your suede shoes, simply take a a suede eraser and gently rub the affected area, following up with a soft bristled brush to remove any dirt. Repeat these two steps gently until the stains are removed.

Patent leather styles are particularly easy to care for but we would definitely advise leaving them at home if rain is predicted. Keep your shiny styles away from water but buff with petroleum jelly from time to time to keep that glossy finish.

With soft leather styles, such as the Virgin Trainers, creases can develop throughout extensive wear and this is where the majority of dirt can gather. To really get into the creases, a toothbrush is a perfect tool. If your trainers have laces, remove these and let them soak in soapy water for a little while to freshen them up. Whilst they are drying, brush any hardened mud or dirt off your trainers with a soft bristled brush. Next, dampen the shoes and apply a suitable, good quality cleaner in circular motions, focusing more on particularly bad areas (this is where the toothbrush comes in handy, but don’t apply too much pressure). Once you’re happy with the clean, rinse any excess product from the shoes, pat dry and leave to fully dry indoors.

White trainers, such as the studded Dazed and Cyber Trainers, can be notoriously difficult, given how every spec of dust and dirt is instantly visible against their bright white canvas. Our top tip here is to use a white toothpaste on a soft toothbrush to really scrub at any areas that need it, but this video gives a great tutorial that will get your white sneakers as good as new in no time!

Our last piece of advice is to store your shoes and trainers well. All Ash styles come in sturdy boxes which are there to protect your shoes, but we love the idea of storing each pair in a see through box with a little Polaroid of the pair on the front so you can find them easily. A lot of high end footwear also comes with dust bags, which are great for protecting the colour and finish of the leathers. To avoid creasing, shoes and boots can also be stored on a shoe tree or with shoe horns inside as an extra precaution.

So now you know how to look after your beautiful shoes, why not start shopping for your next favourite pair?

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