Steal her Style: Cara Delevingne

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne is in every magazine, paper that you open. From her ash blonde hair and bushy eyebrows to her celebrity wifeys, she is without a doubt one of the most talked about women in today’s media. Cara epitomises the Ash Style, and has often been pictured in our effortless cool, grungy biker boots. So, if you’re as big a fan of Queen Delevingne as we are, steal her style in a few pieces which would definitely look at home in Cara’s wardrobe.


PicMonkey Collagehuk

As stated, Cara has already confirmed that she is a massive fan of our immensely popular studded ankle boots, and you can get your very own identical pair at or in any store or concession.
Clearly, partying with Rihanna and walking for Chanel can be tiring, and it’s always important to be comfortable. We can see Cara being very at home in our Ash Wedge Trainers, which are famous for being both comfortable and stylish. Teamed with her signature skinny jeans and beanie, this oozes supermodel stardom.
Cara’s own crazy personality is part of why she is loved, she’s the fun girl about town that we all want to party with. Our Ash Jungle Slip On Trainers embody this through their own colourful, marble-effect print, so if you want a part of Cara’s eccentric personality then these are most definitely for you!
Last but not least, Cara is rarely seen without a jacket of some sort. Whether it is an oversized bomber jacket, or black leather jacket – it’s key to Cara’s style. Our incredible Arnelle Leather Jacket is the only jacket you need to feel like a supermodel, with its soft interior and bold leather it’s the personification of Cara and her laid back style. Chuck this jacket on with just about anything to feel like life is a catwalk.

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