Finding the right boot for you

Have you experienced the tedious upheaval to locate “the perfect pair of winter boots”? As early as the end of July we start perusing the high-street in the vain attempt to find our ideal boots before winter hits. But before you know it September is upon us and blind panic sets in and still no boots found. Is it our inability to finally admit the summer is over and from now on it only gets colder? Or, the high street’s lack of choice – excluding the mundane leather flat boot? But fret not, this season Ash has taken the winter boot and placed it at the center of its AW13 collection:





1) The ionic Trash and Titan boots are back! Equipped with a covering of metal studs and statement buckles they are the ideal investment for everyday wear this fall:

2) But if chunky isn’t your thing, don’t worry – New to this season, Ash in collaboration with supermodel Erin Wasson has created a line of Western style boots. Popularised by the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Bosworth they are no longer categorised to the festival fields only.