September 2013


The Final Touch

        THE AGENDA – all the accessories you need for a stylish Autumn:   Nothing can update a look like adding a timeless accessory. New to this season Ash have bought out a line of studded cuff bracelets. Melding elegance with urban punk they are available in the ‘must-have’ colour variants of military green and metallic lead. To epitomise effortless cool try wearing as your only adornment or be bold and stack them up your arm: A new season calls for a new mood: From stud encrusted... Read More


Finding the right boot for you

Have you experienced the tedious upheaval to locate “the perfect pair of winter boots”? As early as the end of July we start perusing the high-street in the vain attempt to find our ideal boots before winter hits. But before you know it September is upon us and blind panic sets in and still no boots found. Is it our inability to finally admit the summer is over and from now on it only gets colder? Or, the high street’s lack of choice – excluding the mundane leather flat boot? But... Read More