Get The London Fashion Week Lowdown with Emily Johnston founder of Fashion Foie Gras

Emily Johnston, is editor and founder of daily fashion blog

Emily regularly contributes to various fashion publications including Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine UK and Stylist Magazine. Naturally we turned to Emily for the lowdown on London Fashion Week…


How did you start Fashion Foie Gras?

I took a leap of faith that people might want to read fashion news reported by someone that was a style enthusiast rather than someone who was traditionally trained in fashion journalism. More than anything I wanted to be an unpretentious voice for those who live for luxury. So I thought of a name, bought the site and off I went…

What are the best bits about being a fashion journalist and blogger?

Access to some of the world’s greatest designers and creative minds. The people I’ve met over the past two years sometimes leaves me thinking it was all just a dream.

Any worst bits?

I can’t think of even one negative… Well maybe the fact that I’m only sleeping three hours a night to get the job done right!

How do you plan to survive the fast & furious flurry of LFW?

You just suck it up and go with the flow. You can plan a tight schedule but I can almost guarantee that something will come into play that throws the whole thing out the window. I try to stay loose with arrangements and fly with whatever comes my way. I never understood the people that worked themselves into a tizzy during fashion week. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, not a stress haven. My advice is always stay loose and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Which designer/s are you most excited about seeing?

This season I’m really looking forward to seeing Moschino Cheap & Chic in London as well as the usual stars like Christopher Kane, Burberry and Matthew Williamson.

In your opinion what makes LFW so important?

This is a fashion week where designers can take risks with their looks and really show the world where fashion can go in the future. It’s truly a fashion playground both on and off the catwalk in London for fashion week. The risks aren’t only taken on the runway but on the cobblestone streets outside the tents as well. LFW is definitely my favourite week for style watching as you see everything here!

How is LFW different to other international fashion weeks?

For me it’s different because it’s my home city which means it’s a week where I’m surrounded by people I know very well and it’s more like a one week tag-along than anything else. It makes the week so much more enjoyable being able to share cabs, lunches and front row seats with good friends. I also feel London’s shows aren’t as spread out as other cities. It makes for an easier week when you aren’t constantly popping from one side of a city to the next.

 The Ash collection is a kaleidoscope of brights this season, can you give any tips on how to style and wear colour?

The brighter the better! Neons are huge this season but then again anything that catches the eye and screams colour will be a huge hit when warmer weather hits. There truly are no rules for experimenting with colour. I’d say the only requirement is walking tall and owning the ensemble you’ve put together.


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