Beat The Blues & Win New Shoes With Ash!

We’re nearly there, just over one week of January left to get through now. To help you shake off the blues we’re giving one lucky Ash fan the chance to win a pair of Sweet Hi-Top Trainers.

Sweet shearling lined trainers will keep your feet sumptuously warm whilst injecting rock ‘n’ roll into your step with a series of bronze studs adorning the back of the heel.

To enter simply ‘Like’ us on Facebook and comment on this blog post telling us why you deserve to win and don’t forget to tell us your shoes size!

The winner will be chosen at random and announced Tuesday 31st January 2012.


  • Elena Platillero

    I love all ASH shoes…Have 2 pairs of them… And I won a pair in the Summer competition but I never got them because my Facebook page sent me the message 6 month later … So…next chance to have one!!! 40 spanih size!!

  • Silvia

    I love them!:))

  • Hm, it will be hard to explain why do I deserve these shoes… cuz I’m french and my english is… hm, not perfect. I would like to tell you aaaall pretty things, I’ll try:

    First: last summer I bought Ash leopard sneakers… I LOVE them, Iand people love them too 😉
    They accompagnied me all summer… They have seen many many things!
    These shoes are -now- full of memories. (this one:

    But currently, I have no money… and summer is far away, I’m cold with my leopard shoes… The climatic conditions are not adapted to the big cats which are in my feet…

    So, II have to win cuz I need them: I search this kind of shoes since months, they seem so comfortable, they are so beautiful, cute… and the color is perfect to me.
    Please please please, after the Big cat (leopard), I need this sheep to my little cold feet <3 (not so small actually, my size is 39 – size 6 UK-)
    SO, I really want, I need, I would like to have these shoes, if I win these crazy shoes I will definitely fall in love with Ash shoes… (yes I'm serious… :))

    Bisous !

  • Debbie McPhee

    sorry. forgot to leave my size ..39 size 6 !! lol

  • Debbie McPhee

    I deserve to win these funky wee shoes because iam a super stylish mum of 4 , and even though i’ve got mummy duties i never forget to look hot to trot !! I love Ash shoes my favorite brand I currently own 10 different styles, everytime i wear them people always ask me .. where did you get those shoes !! and i tell them the brand .. most people have’nt heard of them .. suprislng !! so i defenetly have done some promting for the brand without even trying !!

  • Hannah

    I should get these glamourous boots because I can make all my friends jelous wearing them. They are cool and unique

  • Tiffany Jefferies

    Hi! I would love to own a pair of these shoes, as I have worn out all my comfortable shoes this winter which have given me blisters, and achy ankles! I really need some trendy shoes to keep my feet safe and pain free! I would love to be able to wear them on my honeymoon in NewYork! Should I win, I would like a size 39 Please.xXx

  • Lucy Woznica

    Why do I deserve these shoes?
    ………….because it’s finally starting to snow in London and these shoes will look fabulous and feel super warm getting around town!
    I’m a size 8.

  • Bianca

    Ash shoes shoes I love Ash shoes
    You chase away my moody blues
    In every colour, in many hues
    Ash shoes Ash shoes, I love yous

    😉 my size is 39… <3

  • Elin Melkersson

    It’s a season must have! size 38


    I deserve to win these BEAUTIFUL shoes, because I would feel so good walking in them and showing them off to all my friends. They are so GORGEOUS, they look so well made and WARM…a must need for these freezing winter days! I would treasure them :). Size 5 xxx

  • jocelyn

    I need some hi-tops to keep my size 38 feet warm and stylish in the morning. I think I spotted some snow in South London today so the sheepskin lining would be perfect for cold city pavements and running buses. I love the brass rings for the laces too, winning would certainly cheer up my Monday Mornings!

  • Ana Teresa

    Why do I deserve this shoes?? Because I love to walk forward in my life and I´m sure that I´ll make an even more fantastic journey with this nice adventurous shoes. My 38 size´s feet will make a path of happiness in this shoes and… each time you see a smlile printed on the floor, you´ll know I´ve been there! 🙂

  • Natalie Rendell

    I deserve these shoes as my three children look beautiful and get lovely clothes the whole time whilst I look like a tramp!! I would love these boots so that I can look half decent at school drop off in the morning!
    I am a size 38
    Thank you :0)

  • Deana Kneen

    I deserve to win namely because I am just a plain shoe fanatic!!! Love everything shoes and especially love these!!! Size 38 please!!

  • I’m a new mom always running like a crazy woman around town! 🙂 These will keep my feet nice and cozy and help ease the pain from all those heels I wear – eek. xoxo

    (Size 6, please!)

  • Jane Fairer

    I would love a pair, as Ash boots are the most comfortable boots ever! They also look fab on. Size 39 please.

  • I’m gonna beat the blues with my new Ash shoes!
    (size 37)

  • Ida Gaudenzi

    Because it’s just the ones that are missing in my Ash shoes size 40 collection! Can’t live without! <3

  • Claire Cavet

    i’m a french student in art and even if i eat low-cost noodles every day of every month i just can’t afford me one of your marvelous shoes. That’s just make me so sad.
    But still, I visit your website every week at least and it’s really highliting my day. So i just can’t imagine how happy i will be if you choose me. I feel sur that you will can hear my yell of exciation over the border. My size is 41.
    I’m sorry for my poor english.

  • Leonora

    I deserve to win these shoes because I’m at serious risk of going bankrupt from buying shoes, and that would be one less item on my list! Size 40.

  • silvia lauri

    hi!!!!! wonderful idea!! my size is 37! thank’s!!!

  • Vanstraelen Kirsten

    I am already a few months home from work and I am now not able to go out and have some serious fun. Only a few weeks to go and than the doctor will aprove that I can go back to work and even better go out and will make up for the last months. So it will be great if I can enjoy my new social life with some Sweet Hi-Top Trainers so I can inject some rock’n roll into my steps… Thx

    Size 41 please

  • Anastasia Kapnisi

    I deserve to win this competition because i’m a huge lover and collector of shoes!
    My size is 37.

  • Arjanne Allis

    Love these shoes!! They are fab! Why do I deserve to win them? Because I really need to inject a bit of rock ‘n’ roll into my step as at the moment I’m a bit down in the dumps…:( But these shoes will surely cheer me up, not to mention keep my feet warm!!! I;m a size 6.

  • marcus chodoruk

    coz they look so cosy a will warm my cold feet during chilly days